Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My twelve-year-old autobiography

When I was eleven-years-old, I was assigned by someone to write my own autobiography. I just found it in the same file as I found the story of Grandpa Wen.

On November 28, 1944 I was born at the hospital in Caliente, Nevada. My parents, Lorymore and Myrtle Joy Wadsworth Free, had wanted a baby for more than three years, so my welcome into the world was assured. When I was ten days old I left the hospital and was taken to my home in Panaca, Lincoln County, Nevada. There my four grandparents, Wenlock A. and Rachel Wheeler Free and Milton Lafayette and Minnie Hollingshead Wadsworth, welcomed me, too. I was the first grandchild for grandma and grandpa Wadsworth.

When I was fourteen months old to the day, a baby sister was born. This new little branch on our family tree was named Mary Ann. From the time Mary Ann was eight months old and could crawl, we became practically inseparable. Mamma dressed us alike and people often thought we were twins.

I always thought we were very fortunate to live in the same little town our grandparents did. We had lots of fun at their homes and playing with our cousins and friends. Grandpa and Grandma Wadsworth had a farm with chickens, pigs, cows and horses. We had lots of fun on the farm.

Grandpa Free and Daddy were in the mining business, and we went on lots of prospecting trips with Daddy. One summer Mommy, sister and I lived at a mine with Daddy. We had no electricity and had to bring the water we used from a small town nearby. While we were there Sister and I followed old trails and explored old cabins we found. This same year we went to Reno, Nevada several times and to San Francisco once. I have also been to Los Angeles and other cities in California. I have been in Idaho several times and to Yellowstone Park.

When I was five years old I started to school in the first grade at the Panaca Grammar School. I went to school there for five years. Miss Patricia Rogers was my teacher. During the summer she married, so when she taught me in the second grade she was Mrs. Lee. Mr. Val Smith was my third grade teacher. He also taught me in the fourth grade. Mrs. Amy Mathews was my fifth grade teacher. When we came to Provo my teacher in the sixth grade at the Grandview school was Mr. Leland Nielson.

As to my hobbies, sister and I have had lots of fun together cutting out and playing with paper dolls. Quite often we have drawn and colored our own. I have always like to draw. Sometimes I have written stories, but I don't always finish them. My favorite past-time now is reading. I enjoy most any kind of book but especially like mysteries. However, I have liked to play outside in such games as tag or anything where I may run or jump.

All of my life I have had trouble with asthma and croup. Many times I had to come inside early in the day because the night air would make it so much worse. It was hard sometimes to have to come in and hear the others still playing, but the older I get the less trouble I seem to have.

Ever since the third grade I have taken music lessons. By now I should be able to play good, but instead I'm just getting a good start.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Soon I will be twelve-years-old and will graduate from Primary.

This winter my sister and I were separated for the first time in our school life, when she started to Joaquin Grade School and I started to the B. Y. High.

[Well, remember, I was only eleven years old. I invite you to write your autobiography and share it with us.}


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I agree that everyone should write little autobiographies about themselves.

  2. Thanks Catey, When you get yours written, pass it along to me. Love, Auntie LaRae