Saturday, July 9, 2011

kudos to these authors

Several of the people pictured have provided much support and information on the Free family. Here are just a few things Mary Decker, Mae B Rose, Lory M Free and I have done for the Free history over the years. I would like to thank all who have ever helped in any way and hope to express that gratitude at regular intervals. Don't let me forget anyone. Email me with reminders of those to thank.

Decker, Mary. RE: Allens, Morrows, Davises. 19 Jun 2001.
Decker, Mary. RE: Betsy Straight Free.

Free, Lory M and Myrtle Joy. Financed much Free and Hicks research starting in the 1950s. They commissioned researchers Christensen and Frank Smith to find ancestors. I have their research books.

Free, Rachel. Comp by Helen Free VanderBeek. History of James Bivence Wheeler and Rachel Talmage

Lees, Georginia Taylor. The Cultural Aspects, Particularly as They Relate to Speech and Theatre, of the Descendants of Four Families of Brigham Young. Thesis U of Ut 1952

Rose, Mae Biesinger. Absalom Pennington Free. For Purple Sage Camp, DUP
Rose, Mae Biesinger and the cousins club. Preston Strait Free and Family

VanderBeek, Helen Free and Pat Whiting, Co-Editors. Born Free. 1980-1981.
VanderBeek, Helen Free. Free Census Research Report. Jan 1975.
VanderBeek, Helen Free. Free Family News. several vols. 1977. Though my name is not on these, I did them and thought I'd set the record straight.

Though not yet pictured, I'd also like to thank Jill Shoemaker and Judy Gunter for their wonderful books on the Free and related families. More about those in the future.

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