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Margaret Rudisil and Elizabeth Corzine conclusions substantiated sort of

Re: Margaret Rudisil
1. A Rudisil researcher, Sherry Atwood, made this statement on genforum 16 May 2010:
"This makes me believe that Margaret's name was Rudil and not Rudisil. I am descended from the Rudisil's of Lincoln Co., NC on my maternal line. I have lots of documentation on this line...but never found a Margaret Rusidil that would fit."

RE: Elizabeth Corzine
In the same doc, this deed is quoted:

Be it remembered that on the first day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & thirty six personally appeared before me the subscriber
one of his Lordships Justices of the Provincial Court Adam Sherwill & Elizabeth Corzine his wife &
acknowledge the within deed of conveyance to be their act and deed and the land and premises
therein mentioned to be the right and property of the said Samuel Caldwell his heirs and assigns
forever and the said Elizabeth being privately examined out of the hearing of her said husband by
me pursuant to an act of assembly in that case made and provided declared that she gave him her
consent to the within alienation & this acknowledgement without any manner of compulsion or
fear of her husband.

However, that is NOT what the deed said. Patricia Ward clarified on 5 Apr 2011 that the deed actually said this:
I have a copy of the Land Indenture you referenced between Adam Sherwill/Sherwell & his wife Elizabeth dated 1 Sep 1736. However, it doesn't give the maiden name of Elizabeth. Where you have typed Elizabeth "Corzine" the record only says "...Adam Sherwill & Elizabeth his wife & acknowledges the within Deed of Conveyance to be their Act and Deed..." I obtained this copy from a microfilm of the original about 1963, so it is cumbersome and quite large. But it is still readable--kind of like a negative though. I wish the record did give the maiden name of Elizabeth but it just isn't there anywhere in the record. Someone has given you some wrong information. If you like, I will obtain a copy for you that will be easier to read. I have been trying to track down the Corzine name but believe an error was made when it was discovered that Sina Corzine was the wife of Adam Sherrill Jr.

It has often been difficult to tell which William was which and which Adam was which because there were so many. Hence, early researchers assigned identifiers to some of these early Sherrills. The first William is now known as the Fur Trader or the Conestoga Trader or the Indian Trader or even the Conestoga Fur Trader. I just call him the Fur Trader for simplicity. His son William Sherrill was called Captain, not because he was a Captain in the Revolutionary War where he was a Private but because he was, apparently, a Captain in the NC militia. Adam, the son of William the Fur Trader was called the Pioneer because he was the first to cross the Catawba River into the great wilderness beyond.

But before these identifiers were commonly used, researchers could find three or four William Sherrills in one record. The same with Adam. So the names of the wives were mixed up. As you have seen, many people thought William the Fur Trader's wife's name was Margaret. Not so, but his son Captain William's wife was Margaret. Many people thought the pioneer Adam's wife was Elizabeth Corzine. His wife is Elizabeth as the above deed shows. However her surname is NOT Corzine. That is the surname of his daughter-in-law.

If you have questions, please ask.

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