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True Children of Mary Sherrill and Joshua Perkins. Help.

Amazingly, I have very little information on some of the children of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins. This Joshua was born 1728 in Baltimore County, MD and died 1814 in Rutherford County, TN. His wife, Mary Sherrill, was born 25 Mar 1744 probably in Augusta County, VA and died about 1803 in Rutherford County, TN. They were married about 1757, probably in or near Sherrill's Ford, NC.
I realize this means Mary married Joshua when she was only about 13 years old, and he was about 29, but it did happen from time to time and this was one of those times. This Joshua Perkins is the son of Elisha Perkins and Margery Sherrill [2nd page of Elisha's will]. His wife Mary Sherrill, who was also his cousin, was the daughter of Captain William Sherrill and Agnes White [Sherrill family Bible].
Note this is NOT the Joshua Perkins b 1732, the Melungeon. He married Mary Black. And thanks to all those Perkins researchers who helped in clarifying and separating the two families.
The children attributed to Elisha and Mary Sherrill Perkins follow with notes:
1. Margery Perkins b 1758 prob Orange Co VA d 1825 St Clair Co IL md Absalom Pennington abt 1774. She is without question the child of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins. Sources include family Bible, 1908 Reunion Program and church records.
2. Sarah Perkins b 1759 on the Upper Little River in what is now Catawba Co NC, d 15 Jan 1857 near the Catawba River in NC when about 100 years old, md Jonas White. She is without question the child of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins according to her own reminiscences.
3. Jesse Perkins b abt 1764. He is NOT the Jesse Perkins of the 1800 Burke Co Census who was born before 1755. Who is this Jesse? What happened to him? Did he marry? Have children?
4. Joshua Perkins b abt 1765 Rowan County, NC, d 6 Oct 1839 Bond Co IL. It appears that this man, the brother of Margery, was the first of the family to go to IL where he settled by 1810. In the next decade Margery and Absalom Pennington, plus their daughter Mary Pennington who md Andrew Free and their adult and teen-aged children arrived in St Clair Co IL. I would really like to know where he was BEFORE 1810.
5. William Sherrill Perkins b at 1769 of Rowan Co NC, d abt 1819 of Wayne Co KY. Censuses would indicate his wife was named Elizabeth. I really need more information about this family. Thanks.
6. Benjamin F? Perkins b abt 1771 Rowan, NC, md abt 1896 perhaps to Elizabeth Owens. Jennie Nobles maintained that one of Joshua Perkins' sons married Elizabeth Owens. Was it Benjamin or William Sherrill Perkins? The fact that William Sherrill almost certainly md an Elizabeth gives credence to him being her husband. But Elizabeth was a very common name. Can anyone help with this?
W. E. White in "History of Alexander Co NC" in The Landmark 22 Mar 1926 says: "He(JP) had three sons: Jesse, William and Benjamin, and one daughter - perhaps more - but this daughter, Sarah.... "
7. Jane Sherrill Perkins b abt 1767. Walter Kitchens puts her in this family in his pedigree called "The Sherrill Family." He includes Jane Sherrill Perkins, William Sherrill Perkins, Benjamin Perkins and Sarah Perkins as children of Mary Sherrill and Joshua Perkins. His birth years are presented above except for that of Sarah Perkins. He has her b 1773, but that is impossible if we are to believe her reminisences. Who did she marry? Any children?
Others who have been attributed to Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins:
Polly Perkins b abt 1763. Of course, Polly is a nickname for Mary.
Reuben Perkins b bet 1774-1778. I believe this Reuben Perkins is the son of Robert Biggen Perkins and should not be attached to this family at all.
Leroy Perkins b abt 1780. There are two connections leading some researchers to attach this Leroy to this Joshua and Mary Perkins. 1. He shared a well with Absalom Pennington in Rutherford Co TN, and 2. His daughter married William Pennington, a supposed cousin of Absalom. Further, as noted above, he lived near the Joshua Perkins family. I really doubt he was the son of Joshua and Mary Perkins as there were many Perkins cousins in the area. Can anyone help with this?
John P Perkins b abt 1783 of Nashville, Rutherford Co, TN md Nancy Reed. Wanda Clark believed this John Perkins to be the son of Joshua and Mary Perkins at one point. Does anyone know?
Are there others?
All help will be appreciated. Please include sources in your replies. And please reply. Thanks, LFK

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