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Penningtons of St Clair Co IL II

PENNINGTONS OF ST CLAIR COUNTY, ILLINOIS II: Naomi Pennington Power [1772-1849 of Lawrence County, TN and Darmstadt, St Clair, IL] daughter of Jacob and Mary Cannon Pennington

Naomi Pennington b 5 Jan 1772 in Laurens, SC d 8 Oct 1849 Darmstadt, St Clair, IL, md John Wesley Power and had many children.

My interest in Naomi Pennington Power[s] who may be a daughter of a Jacob Pennington [though if he was indeed born 1716, he’d have been 56 when she was born, possible but probable?] is that she might be a niece or even a much younger sister to Absalom Pennington. The fact that these Penningtons and the Frees lived in or near Darmstadt seems telling. Any ideas?

PENNINGTONS III: William and Mary Perkins Pennington daughter of Leroy Perkins and his wife Elizabeth Perkins [both surnamed Perkins]. This William Pennington b 1788 Enoree River, Newberry, SC d 7 Dec 1859 Lawrence County, TN may be the son of a different Jacob Pennington. The family connection may be that Leroy Perkins is the son of Joshua Perkins, grandfather of the Mary Pennington who md Andrew Free mentioned in PENNINGTONS OF ST CLAIR COUNTY, ILLINOIS I.

According to what little I have on Naomi Pennington b 5 Jan 1772 and William Pennington b 1788, they are both children of Jacob Penningtons: Naomi’s father Jacob b abt 1716 in PA? d abt 1774; William’s father Jacob died before 22 Nov 1827 in Lawrence County, TN. I have not done the research on either of these families except to try to find a connection between them and Absalom Pennington.

Still another connection exists. Mary Pennington Power, daughter of Naomi Pennington and John Wesley Power, b 28 May 1805 md Williston Lane and had a son John Power[s] Lane who married Margery Free, the daughter of Mary Pennington and Andrew Free. Both Margery and their son Ryland died between 1840 and 1850 in St Clair or Washington Counties.

Are any or all of these Penningtons related? HELP

1827 "In the estate settlement of Jacob Pennington in Lawrence County in 1827, two fo the witnesses were John Perkins and Joshua Perkins." Dickey, Ruth. The Penningtons of Big Buffalo. Columbia, TN 1979. 2030l I hadn't remembered this. It means Lawrence Co is important and means that Joshua and John may very well be Mary Perkins' uncles. Further remember that Absalom Pennington and Leroy Perkins used water from the same spring in Rutherford Co. and remember that one of Andrew Free's sons was named Leroy Free. They had 18 children. see 2030l p 54 as reproduced here. Note the names. LFK

At some point analyze:

All Penningtons in or near Wilkes Co GA around 1778 AP deed

All Penningtons in Burke Co NC

All Penningtons in Rutherford Co TN [seePerkins/Sherrill rel doc file ov doc from Paine to Vanderbeek in Pennington, unknown file

All Penningtons in St Clair Co IL which is partly done above and more in Perkins Sherrill rel doc file ov entitled Pennington, Absalom Early.

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