Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Auntie LaRae's Free Family Blog

Welcome. Here you will discover the state of our Free Family History. Visit often, comment, add information.


  1. It is so exciting to know that the years and years of research and gathering are about to bear fruit! Numerous fascinating stories of our Free family members have been gathered and are about to be shared. It is a great blessing for LaRae to feel well enough to work on this project and I am so thankful she is willing to take on the work. It will be a priceless family history and the new pictures that have emerged make it even more exciting. The Free family story is a grand story emeshed with the history of the United States and with the LDS Church. No one will want to miss it!

  2. Thanks Jill. What you say is true, if you want to really understand American and LDS history, this is the place.