Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hannah Free Wells recounts her early history in Illinois

Salt Lake City

Monday July 8 1912 First page 1798

Having been asked to give a little Sketch of my life I will try to do so I being one among the last Pioneers that come to this county as my mind reflects back over 80 years it seems to me I have always been a pioneer and my Parents before me. My father Absalom Pennington Free was born in North Carolina burk county March the 22 1798. come out to Illinois when a boy among the first settlers with his parents Andrew Free and Mary Pennington Free they had ten children 7 sons 3 daughters. My father Absalom Pennington was the oldest son. He married Betsy Strait daughter of Iseral and Hannah Tompson strait who was born January 30 184 [sic] in the state of Kentucky Baren county. My mother had 12 children 8 daughters 4 sons there was quite a colony settled on there farms and it was called Free town and is on the maps some where today I believe. I well remember the house where I was born. Father took up a large section of Farming land and forest land and stocked it with the best there was in the county as I write I can see the blooded Horses not less than ten to 20. We children would wach them and the young coalts come up to drink. Father always wanted to improve his stock. He wanted the best of everything that he had anything to do...

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