Saturday, March 24, 2012

Instructions for helping with the Wadsworth Wiki Project

Well, the best laid plans...It seems I can't get the photographs to come up on either Facebook or my blog. Will get help with that problem. Even so, you can read the text of the first decade of Gram's and Grandpa Lafe's lives on the previous blog - which looks like it's mixed up with other blogs. How come?
Folks, I just don't have time to deal with these computer mess ups. So I need help. Please help me make this process so very easy it causes me NO stress whatsoever. Remember that Addison's, in addition to being an auto-immune disease and an endocrine disease, is also a stress disease. That is what this whole exercise iS about: to get this information to all family members while causing me the very least amount of stress. So do help me. Make this easy for me. Please.

OK, if you will look at today's blog entry you will see what I am attempting to do right now, even though the fabulous photographs did not come through.

Objective: Create a running narrative of the lives of Lafe and Dollie Wadsworth from documents: pictures, letters, newspaper articles, interviews, memories, etc. that all can enjoy and learn from. Post these items on a sight available to all Lafe and Dollie descendants but not others, at least not yet. I have four file boxes of such materials. My health is such that I cannot do this myself. So we welcome relatives who will
1. Take a small portion of the documents, perhaps a decade's worth, scan them, then return the documents to me as well as the scans. Someone, whoever volunteers for it, will put the documents in chronological order. The reason I want these things returned is that when the project is over, I will take them to BYU Special Collections to add them to the Wadsworth materials already there.
After the scanning is done, I would like the volunteers to put the documents in order: First the name of the decade like this: DECADE ONE: 1890-1899. Then each item following it's date as near as can be determined. The scanner is welcome to add comments followed by his or her name and initials. The scanner is welcome to ask others about what he/she scanned and add that information. Or not.
2. Send the finished scanned decade to me [or whoever takes over the management of this project]. Mail the documents within a week or so back to me or to whoever is managing the project. Any volunteers?
3. Anyone can add comments, do research on the questions, etc. In fact, please read the Decade One data and answer whatever questions you can, even though the pictures aren't yet there.
4. Simone has solved the posting problem. Shortly there will be a place to post the Wadsworth Wiki project where all can contribute.

Thanks so much to those who have already volunteered. I'll be sending the first packets, probably Monday.

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