Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leroy and Benjamin Perkins, sons of Joshua Perkins

Can anyone provide more information about Leroy, Benjamin and William Sherrill Perkins, sons of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins? [For much more background, please go to www.alfreefamily.blogspot.com.]

Now, who are the Absalom and John Perkins who worked on the Rutherford County, TN road with Leroy in 1806? And did Jesse die as a young man, or did he grow up and marry? And who is the Thomas Perkins who “was not found” in Rutherford Co TN by 1805? HELP please.

Corrections to Leroy Perkins [b abt 1780] and Benjamin Perkins [b abt 1771], sons of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins of Rutherford Co TN.

Every once in a while as we do genealogical research, especially now that more records are available via Internet – we find a document that changes previous conclusions. Such documents are welcomed enthusiastically and changes in pedigrees sometimes result.

Such is the case with the Joshua [1728-1814] and Mary Sherrill [1744-1803] Perkins family of Burke Co NC and Rutherford Co TN. In the 1980s, the best records I could find led me to include Elizabeth Owens as the wife of Benjamin Perkins, the son of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins. New information in the form of a family letter whose holder wishes to remain anonymous compels me to make the following changes:

Benjamin Perkins [b abt 1780] is still the son of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins, but Elizabeth Owens is NOT his wife. Remember I am the author of the Benjamin Perkins/Elizabeth Owens connection and have both a desire and an obligation to announce the corrections based on the new data. In fact, making such changes is one of the exciting things about genealogy research – or any research.

According to this family letter, the transcription of which I’ve seen in its entirety, Elizabeth Owens is the wife of Leroy Perkins.

This necessitates adding Leroy to the family as a son and moving Elizabeth Owens from Benjamin Perkins’ family group record to Leroy Perkins’ family group record.

Three children are known so far for this family, but there should be several more. The three probable children are: Mary b 17 Feb 1802; John Perkins b 15 Jul 1806; Jesse Perkins b 1808.

These changes raise the possibility that Absolom and John P Perkins of Rutherford Co, TN are also children of Joshua and Mary Sherrill Perkins. Does anyone have information on them?

Also, there is a Thomas Perkins in the same place at the same time. Who is he?

Please go to www.alfreefamily.blogspot.com and look at the Leroy Perkins blog on 30 Aug 2011 for much more information. Thank you. LFK, M ED

Any and all information on these people is welcome.

I can hardly wait for the next document that changes everything as this one did.

Thank you, LaRae Free Kerr, M ED

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  1. I love the thoughtful, evidence-based analysis! I have spent the last seven months researching the early Sherrill/Sherwill ancestors, including William "The Fur Trader". Where can I locate the original reference that states William was dropped in MD? It seems odd to me that he supposedly arrived in MD on March 1st, 1686, as this was the exact same date that William was listed as being "reprieved" to Barbados in Peter Coldham's book "Complete Book of Immigrants".